Pet Wellness at Evergreen Animal Hospital in Gig Harbor, WA

Early recognition of health problems offer our best opportunity to improve and extend your pets quality of life.

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Welcome to Evergreen Animal Hospital: Ensuring Pet Wellness in Gig Harbor, WA

A thorough annual physical exam is central to the preventive health care we can provide for your pets as they move from youth to maturity. We take the time to examine your pet’s heart, lungs, eyes, ears, nose, teeth, skin, hair coat, musculoskeletal, neurologic, gastrointestinal, and urogenital systems. During the exam, we will address questions about nutrition, behavior, or other pet healthcare concerns. We will also recommend appropriate vaccinations to protect your pet from serious and contagious diseases. In addition, we are able to provide you with the appropriate documentation you may need to travel within the United States and internationally.

Comprehensive Pet Wellness Services

The following services are provided by Evergreen Animal Hospital with the goal of enhancing your pets’ general well-being:


Preventive Care

The significance of preventive care is emphasized by our skilled veterinarian. Vaccinations, parasite control, and routine checkups all aid in identifying and addressing possible health problems before they worsen.


Nutritional Guidance

The health of your pet depends on proper nutrition. Our specialists offer individualized dietary advice to make sure your pet gets the proper ratio of nutrients for good health.


Dental Care

Maintaining your pet’s dental health is essential to their general health. Cleanings, exams, and advice on at-home dental hygiene routines are all part of our dental care services.

Why Choose Evergreen Animal Hospital for Pet Wellness?

Experienced Team

Our group of skilled veterinarians and support personnel are committed to giving your pets the best possible care.

Personalized Approach

We understand that each pet is unique. Our personalized approach to pet wellness ensures that your furry friend receives care tailored to their specific needs.

Convenient Location

Our hospital, which is conveniently located in Gig Harbor, Washington, provides local pet owners with accessibility and convenience.

Educational Resources

We think that educating pet owners can empower them. You can use the educational resources on our website to make well-informed decisions regarding the health of your pet.