Pet Cold Laser at Evergreen Animal Hospital in Gig Harbor, WA

Cold Laser or Photobiomodulation is a great tool for treating chronic pain and inflammation.

Dog having laser therapy

Understanding Pet Cold Laser Therapy

This pain-free and non-invasive treatment uses infrared rays to stimulate the body to produce its own anti-inflammatory and healing compounds. Laser therapy is used to treat a variety of injuries, wounds, fractures, neurological and orthopedic.

Low-intensity lasers or light-emitting diodes are used in pet cold laser therapy, sometimes referred to as Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), a non-thermal procedure that stimulates cellular function. In pets, this treatment is especially helpful for controlling discomfort, decreasing inflammation, and hastening the healing process.

Certain light wavelengths that are emitted by the laser can pass through skin and into the targeted tissues. The cells absorb these photons, which increases cellular activity and encourages the generation of more energy. This ultimately results in better blood flow, less edema, and a quicker healing process.

Conditions Treated with Pet Cold Laser Therapy

Pet cold laser therapy can be used to treat a number of ailments that are frequently observed in companion animals, such as:


Pain Management

Pet Cold Laser therapy is a gentle, drug-free method of pain relief for pets with musculoskeletal injuries or chronic pain problems like arthritis.


Wound Healing

The treatment lessens the chance of infection and encourages tissue regeneration, hastening the healing of cuts, wounds, and surgical incisions.


Inflammation Reduction

The anti-inflammatory properties of the cold laser can be used to effectively treat inflammatory conditions like dermatitis or joint inflammation.

The Evergreen Animal Hospital Advantage

Experienced Veterinary Team

Our knowledgeable and kind veterinary staff at Evergreen Animal Hospital is experienced in using Pet Cold Laser therapy. Our veterinarians have a great deal of experience creating personalized treatment regimens for every pet.

Innovative Technologies

Evergreen Animal Hospital ensures that your pet receives the best possible treatment in a comfortable and stress-free environment by utilizing advanced technology and a commitment to providing high-quality care.

Enhanced Mobility

Pet Cold Laser therapy is a useful option for animals that are experiencing mobility problems as a result of orthopedic conditions or aging. By reducing joint disease-related pain, the therapy enables your pet to move more easily and take pleasure in regular activities.