Pet Diagnostic Testing at Evergreen Animal Hospital in Gig Harbor, WA

When your pet is ill you can rely on our in-house diagnostics to help us learn what the problem is and provide accurate recommendations for their care.

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Pet Diagnostic Testing at Evergreen Animal Hospital in Gig Harbor, WA

A responsible pet owner’s top priority is their pet’s health. We at Evergreen Animal Hospital in Gig Harbor, Washington, recognize how crucial prompt and precise diagnostic testing is for your animal companions. Our extensive pet diagnostic testing services are intended to give us important information about your pet’s health so that we can create treatment plans that work.

A variety of medical procedures are used in pet diagnostic testing with the goal of assessing your pet’s general health and identifying any underlying medical conditions. Our veterinary team uses imaging, bloodwork, and other diagnostic tools to evaluate your pet’s internal health as part of these tests. At Evergreen Animal Hospital, we make use of diagnostic tools to guarantee accurate findings.

When is Pet Diagnostic Testing Necessary?


Routine Check-ups

Even if your pet seems healthy, routine veterinary care should include regular diagnostic testing. This aids in identifying any possible problems before they worsen.


Unexplained Symptoms

Diagnostic testing can assist in determining the underlying cause of unusual behavior, unexplained weight loss, or signs of distress in your pet.


Preventive Screening

Preventive screening with diagnostic testing is crucial for older pets or those with a medical history of certain conditions. The early identification of age-related or predisposed health issues is aided by this proactive approach.

The Benefits of Pet Diagnostic Testing

Early Detection of Health Issues

Early detection of health problems through diagnostic testing enables timely intervention and treatment. Maintaining the quality of life for your pet and stopping the progression of diseases depend heavily on early detection.

Tailored Treatment Plans

Our veterinarians can design individualized treatment programs based on the unique requirements of your pet with the help of precise diagnostic data. This guarantees the best possible care for your pet, tailored to their specific needs.

Monitoring Chronic Conditions

Frequent diagnostic testing aids in tracking the health status of pets with chronic conditions. By taking a proactive stance, we can optimize your pet’s well-being by modifying treatment plans as necessary.