Lomilomi is an ancient Hawaiian healing art. It means “to break into small, then smaller pieces”. Lomilomi is an old traditional style of Hawaiian healing. A process of healing unlike any other, it is energetic in nature, cleansing and healing in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ways. Lomi is a process where the entity of the Lomi is used to heal the recipient. The practitioner uses a variety of physical touch similar to massage, as well as energy to break down masses into smaller pieces so the body can be returned to a state of health. Dr. Bart has been studying Lomi Lomi for over 10 years from O Kana‘iaupuni Iwi'ula and the Kalama foundation. True to the way he was taught, Lomi's are performed on the floor, only after Dr. Bart finishes a his preparation and Ka Pule to allow the Lomi to occur.

Many people ask if it is a massage, and while it does borrow on some massage type techniques, it is an experience all of its own. Indications for Lomi include: pain management, anxiety, general well being in pets undergoing stressful events, such as chemotherapy, or with chronic disease. Because of his association with Kahuna O Kana'iaupuni Iwi'ula, Dr. Bart is probably the only Veterinarian in Washington practicing this sacred healing art.

For more information on Lomilomi, please visit www.kalama.org. Mahalo.

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