Food Energetics

Food Energetics

Food Therapy

All food has certain "energetics" that can help restore the body to balance. Feeding a dry food day after day, year after year may result in imbalances. Eating a variety of foods in moderation, may help to restore balance.

Hot/Warm foods
Meat: beef (feed lot), buffalo, ham, kangaroo, lamb, venison, chicken, egg yolk, shrimp
Grain: Oats, Quinoa, Spelt, White rice, Sorghum
Vegetables/fruit/nuts: fennel, pumpkin, sweet potato, papaya, cherry, walnut, sunflower seed, peach, raspberry, chestnut, citrus, coconut, basil
Other: olive oil, brown sugar, maltose, garlic, ginger, curry, chili, cinnamon, mustard

Cool/Cold foods
Meat: frog, rabbit, egg white, duck, turkey, clam, crab, deep ocean fish, oyster
Grain: barley, brown rice, buckwheat, millet, mung bean, tofu
Vegetables/fruit/nuts: asparagus, bitter melon, broccoli, celery, cucumber, lettuce, spinach, sprouts, zucchini, kelp, tomato, kiwi, pear, orange, watermelon, yogurt, soy milk
Other: sesame oil, honey, soybean oil, salt, green tea

Neutral foods
Meat: beef (grass fed), beef liver (organic), pork, rabbit (wild), goose, turkey, catfish, carp, cuttlefish, salmon, sardines, tuna
Grain: Sweet rice, black bean, red bean
Vegetables/fruit/nuts: Cabbage, carrot, corn, potato, yam
Other: Peanut oil, white sugar, black sesame oil, honey

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